Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I'm sorry I have not posted in so long!  Life has become extremely busy with starting back to work but I had to take time to give Lydia props for surviving her first day of Kindergarten!!!!  Lydia was so excited the night before that she slept terribly.  I picked up a child who only had good this to say about her day but was horribly grumpy!  Let's hope for better sleep and more happy days.  Megan

First Visitors

Dad and Dana spent five days visiting us!  Kodiak did not disappoint--we had gorgeous weather and tons of outdoor activities to share with them.  I think we went on a hike every day, each one different.  We loved showing off our new hometown almost as much as we loved spending time with Dad and Dana.  Megan

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

You Scream, I Scream

We had to try out the new ice cream shop in Kodiak.  This is big news for our little town!  Both kids give it their stamp of approval.  Megan


Lydia had a lunchdate with John at his work and insisted on dressing the part.  Megan

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's Catch Up

Both kids are in full-time preschool--Now that I am employed one hour a day (the way everyone is intended to work) both children were accepted into the Child Development Center on base.  Talk about convenient!  Lydia rides her bike (without training wheels by the way) to school each day while Jack and I stroll.  I get to spy on the kids in the morning as their classes often go to the park right next to our house.  Expectedly, Jack has struggled with morning drop-offs but he now will report "I like school!" upon pickup.  It looks like things are lining up for me to head back to work full-time in late August.  A Mom with Mixed Feelings, Megan

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hello Kodiak ER

So we had our first Kodiak ER visit over the weekend.  John and I, in an attempt to improve our energy levels, began the Whole30 diet last Thursday--no alcohol, no diary, no carbs, no processed sugar.  Here we are on day two of our diet after a hike, feeling great.  That all changed on day three when John experienced extreme cramping and vomiting.  Off to the ER!  Collapsed small intestine--diet was too much, too fast.  Sorry John (this diet had been my idea to begin with).  On a positive note, the ER had no wait!   A little morphine and all was reset, as it relaxes the muscles of the intestine.  Megan

Lydia Asks Daddy for a Tree Swing...

So she gets a tree swing.  Megan