Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Time with Daddy

John loves tinkering away in the garage.  The kids enjoy being near him in his "man cave."  It's almost as if they pick up on his happiness in this special space.  This is the only time Jack is content in his Jumperoo.  Lydia loves "fixing" things right along side her dad.  Speaking of manliness, check out John's moustache he is growing for the month of November.  Megan

And in Cast News...

Lydia had a follow-up doctor's appointment today.  Her leg is healing well and she will only need the cast for three more weeks.  So she will be cast-free for Christmas!  Lydia is moving quite quickly in it and was even able to take a true bath today, thanks to a handy cast cover we were able to find.  Megan

Thursday, November 20, 2014

About This Guy

Jack is 11 months old!  He has four bottom teeth and four more about to cut through on top.  He loves playing outside and will start crying if anyone goes outside, even if just to get the mail, without him.  He also likes to play in the fridge and dishwasher.  However, this can turn messy (as shown in the pic).  He is super mellow when we are out and about, taking in his surroundings.  Most meals, he eats more than Lydia.  He sleeps solid at night and his naps are starting to lengthen.  Jack likes to pull hair.  Picture us at the grocery store.  Jack is in the top of the cart.  Lydia is inside the cart screaming.  Jack is twisted around with Lydia's hair in his death grip.  I am saying "No Jack!  Let go!" while trying to pry his fingers loose. This is a common scene for us. Megan

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Proud of Lydia

Last night, Lydia hated her cast.  She kept hitting it and saying "I'm stuck!"  She refused to walk in it.  This morning she woke up a new kid. Within a hour of waking she was outside practicing her new walk.  I posted a video a few months ago proudly sharing Jack's walking.  Now I am posting just as proudly for Lydia.  Click on the link to view.  I apologize for the harsh shadows.  http://youtu.be/uEcuAtRiips

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Officially "Accident-Prone"

 A small fall yesterday at school, a reinjury of her knee from her trampoline accident, brought Lydia to tears.  I made an appointment with her pediatrician for this morning.  A second round of x-rays showed a small fracture at the top of her right tibia.  Tiny break.  Huge cast.  Let the healing begin.  Megan 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Change of Events

This morning I had my bag all packed to head back to the hospital to request a MRI of Lydia's leg.  I fell asleep last night with visions of casts and crutches in my head.  We were just finishing up our breakfast when Lydia started walking, well limping, saying "leg all better!"  It isn't all healed yet but we are certainly breathing a sigh of relief.  A cast would have really put a damper on her upcoming beach vacation.  Megan

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Keep Smiling, Lydia

Lydia and I had a mommy-daughter date Thursday morning.  We headed to a brand new trampoline park near us, first ones through the door, a huge smile on Lydia's face.  Within a minute of her first trampoline experience, Lydia was in tears.  She simply landed wrong and hurt her knee.  A trip to the ER showed no breaks, however the past two days Lydia has been unable to walk.  Hoping for some improvement soon or we will be heading back to the doctor.  Luckily last night's campfire brought a big smile to her face. And the upside of being chair-bound is that Mom and Dad did not have to worry about Lydia getting to close to the flames.  Megan