Wednesday, June 24, 2015

You Can Text Me Now!

I have re-entered the modern technological world with a new cellphone.  Thank you Mom for letting me use your old one!  I was able to recover this gem of a photo from Bob and Mom's visit to San Diego.  The photo speaks for itself.  The kids loved the extra attention!  John and I were able to get away for a motorcycle overnight trip to a resort in the desert.  It was such a treat and what was almost better was hearing that the kids did well while we were away.  Perhaps this anniversary does mark a new chapter in John and I's marriage.  We are hoping to indulge a little more in travel.  The first ten years were spectacular-bring on the next ten!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Let's Catch Up

We have some catching up to do! Due to a slight hiccup, I still do not have a cellphone so I am not able to share photos of Bob and Mom's visit and our tenth anniversary get-away. I will post about those wonderful things later. Here is a photo of Jack striking a pose on our new bedroom quilt. Thank you Mom! This quilt has added so much life to that drab room. It makes me feel happy every time I see it.

Lydia participated in her first school performance, Noah's Ark. She is towards the middle in a white t-shirt and white bunny ears. It was the sweetest experience to watch her on stage, smiling and singing. Proud parent moment for John and I.

This ultra-sweet moment is brought to you by Jack. You could tell that Lydia was truly touched that he wanted to sit in her lap to watch TV.

This is Lydia's "I'm almost four and I can dress myself, brush my own teeth and go potty all on my own" pose. She was very excited to go to school on Friday to share purple Birthday cupcakes and lemonade with her friends. She has waited a long time to be the center of attention in her classroom and she savored every minute of it.

Time to party at Chuck E Cheese! Lydia's Birthday party was a huge success. I highly recommend a party here. They made it so much fun and so easy for John and I to enjoy ourselves as well as the kids. Lydia's favorite part was blowing out the candles on her ice cream cake. Watching her try to grab tickets in the ticket blaster was hilarious. Her best friend from school, Alivia, made it to the party and that also meant a lot to Lydia. Thank you for all the gifts! It was difficult for her to say good-bye to them today and go back to school, understandably.

Happy Father's Day to a dad who excels at making playdoh ponies, fixing broken toys, playing pool games, changing poopy diapers and soothing upset kids in the night. Thanks for spending your Father's Day celebrating Lydia's Birthday. We love you John!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pressing Pause

Another silly mistake, I drove off with my phone sitting on top of my car. It slid off on the on-ramp to the highway and the sound caught my attention. The phone was recovered but sadly completely smashed by another car. I will be taking a week long hiatus from the blog as I get a new phone and hopefully recover the photos taken while Mom and Bob were visiting and John and I celebrated our tenth anniversary. Check back in a week or so! Megan

Monday, June 1, 2015

Social Butterfly

My recent conversations with Lydia have gone like this.

Lydia:  Can I go to Alivia's house and play?
Me:  Um.
Lydia:  Can Alivia come to my house?
Me:  Hm.
Lydia:  Can Alivia and I have a sleepover?
Me:  Well...

Alivia is Lydia's favorite friend from school and I barely know her parents.  This is all new territory for me and I have no idea how to proceed.  Luckily some of our friends do have kids Lydia's age so John set up a play date at the train park with his friend Mike and Mike's son, Jake.  Cuteness and a budding friendship ensued.  

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Memorial Weekend

It seems like both our kids have gone through recent growth spurts.  They are both unbelievably big to John and I!  Lydia's fourth Birthday is finally on the horizon, though she has been talking about it for months. This year's celebration will be Elsa from Frozen themed and take place at Chuck E Cheese.  Lydia is most excited about her Elsa-shaped mint chocolate chip ice-cream cake.  Megan

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pony Movie

Add videographer to my resume!  Lydia has discovered a series of videos on YouTube that are simply kids playing with their ponies.  It inspired her to make her own movie.  Click on the link to view out masterpiece.  Megan